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New Curriculum Update

Welcome back to the 2022-2023 School year with Horizon School Division. 

We are so excited to have your child/children begin and continue on their learning journey with us. We are committed to our mission to engage and empower all learners so that your child/children will gain the knowledge and skills to be contributing citizens and develop as life-long learners. Below is some information for you as parents on the New Curriculum. Teachers who chose to pilot the curriculum in 2021-2022 found students to be engaged and excited about the changes and able to learn the new concepts! 

New Curriculum Update 

As teachers across Alberta begin this September teaching the new curriculum, we want to share information to help build your understanding in English Language Arts and Literature (ELAL) K-3, Mathematics K-3 and Physical Education and Wellness K-6. Please visit K to 6 curriculum renewal | for more information. 

ELAL - Grades K-3 

The new Alberta Curriculum for English Language Arts and Literature is being implemented (started) in Kindergarten to Grade 3 this year. This new curriculum includes an emphasis on the key foundations of literacy and communication. 

The new ELAL curriculum ties closely to the Provincial Grades 1-3 student Literacy Screening Assessments. These screens provide teachers with information on your child’s reading development in order to target any gaps that may exist in at-risk readers. 

Math - Grades K-3 

The new Alberta Curriculum for Mathematics is being implemented in Kindergarten to Grade 3 this year. This new curriculum includes a larger focus on patterns in earlier grades to help students understand numbers and shapes at a younger age. Students are expected to learn, recall, and apply number facts so they can add, subtract, multiply, and divide efficiently in various situations. Students will work with money concepts in mathematics to support financial literacy skills. 

Physical Education and Wellness (PEW)- Grades K-6 

The new Physical Education and Wellness curriculum is being implemented in grades K-6 this year. This curriculum replaces the Physical Education and Health curriculums and has a new focus on Financial Literacy. PEW continues to focus on all parts of student health and wellness. Within Horizon, parents have always been able to exempt their child from sensitive content and can continue to exercise that right with the new curriculum.

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